About me

By looking at my paintings, people should feel that my art is their self-display. My works arise from the subconscious, they emerge from imagination. Experiences and memories combine to form a sentiment, a feeling, an idea for a painting. The creative process consists in making this painting tangible. My paintings can be splitted to 2 thematics areas: people in relation to each other, increasingly abstracted, and imaginery journeys and feelings, expressed in colours and shapes. They tell tales of joy and melancholy, attraction and rejection, flippancy and eternity, chaos and orderliness, rationality and emotion.

During the attempt to express this imagination via brush and paint, the paintings mostly cut their own paths. In the process they develop a life of their own, what I find again and again new and surprising, too. In my technique I mainly use acrylic with various mixtures like sand, wallastonite, bentonite and cement. What I love about this technique is the immediacy of the procedure. In a sensuous process the applied paint would be daubed, blurred and levigated, then scratched away. Thus an utmostly lively structured, colourful surface evolves. It resembles a kind of skin that consists of various colours interfering with each other and creating new shades. I am not going to manifest myself about the contents of my paintings here, but only about the sensuous message they convey. They record my attitude, my interest as well as my enthusiasm. The desire to feel all this is the essential precondition to engage in my art. I would like to seduce you to get infected with it.