Claudia Seidensticker-Fountis
Germany: +49 170 24 16 859
Greece: +30 694 86 54 864
Shanghai: +86 134 02 17 76 70

Dream in everyday life is my message , my proposal to people to look for their own dreams in their everyday live, to implement and live them. For what would humans be without their dreams. It would be a bleak life without goals, hope and future. Dreams are always present, one just needs to let them come true. Dreams are messages from the subconscious to the conscious mind. They open hidden doors inside us with all our desire, yearning and visions. Dreaming also means to trust in oneself, to listen to the inner voice that urges us to be careful at times and on the other hand moves and drives us on. Maybe the point is also to come to know oneself better and to learn about one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Supposedly no one wants to be a dreamer, rather someone who permits reveries and manages to combine phantasy and reality. My works are reminiscences, reminders of my past life. I see myself as gatherer and preserver of the small things in life … of time and occurrences, impressions and influences, feelings and stories. Everything leaves its mark, memories in pictures and objects, kept and preserved.

"We are all giants who were raised to be dwarfs." This is how Robert A. Wilson put it in "The new Prometheus". For me a glass of water is never half empty but always half full. For I am a merry and positive thinking person. I would like to enthuse people with my art and I want to encourage them to get in touch with me. This is what I am looking for. :-) Yours Claudia Seidensticker